Decadent Desserts Champion Local and Indigenous Ingredients

Decadent Desserts Champion Local and Indigenous Ingredients

International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney), managed by ASM Global, has enhanced its 2024 Menu Collection with the inclusion of new indulgent desserts — infused with local and Indigenous ingredients.

Exemplifying ICC Sydney’s NSW and First Nations First Procurement Strategy, its in-house Culinary Services experts finessed this year’s dessert collection to meet growing industry trends revealed through ICC Sydney’s RESPECT: Shaping Events for Success report, and its diverse delegates’ appetite for high quality, curated dining experiences that champion the destination’s unique and smaller producers, as well as accessible, inclusive and sustainable events.

ICC Sydney Director of Culinary Services, Lynell Peck said, “From the beginning, ICC Sydney set out to ‘Feed the Performance’ of the economy by sourcing the best produce from local farmers and producers, all while prioritising event attendees’ wellbeing and their desire for authentic, socially impactful experiences that connect them to Sydney’s local culture, community and environment.

“ICC Sydney’s 2024 Menu Collection featuring new desserts is no exception. Our team of culinary professionals respectfully source sustainable and local ingredients, and carefully handcraft dishes of the utmost quality. Every delegate can experience the remarkable flavour profile of the region with every bite – from entree, to main and all the way through to dessert,” Ms Peck says.

ICC Sydney Executive Chef, Rakesh Pillai said respect for producers was central to his and his team’s creative menu design, “From the bean-to-bar chocolate makers Zokoko, that operate from a small outlet at Emu Plains in the foothills of the Blue Mountains to Pepe Saya butter that has long been a feature on the table at ICC Sydney, to Jannei Goat Dairy, Vannella Cheese, Binnorie Dairy to First Nations suppliers Creative Native and FigJam & Co – we maintain a connection with our producers that helps them to succeed and also allows their produce to shine in front of our local and international audiences,” Chef Pillai said.

ICC Sydney Executive Sous Chef, Gregory Wright said that the team’s commitment to innovation played an important part in driving creative practices and capacity to deliver high end dining solutions, “Following a significant investment in our new water cutter, our productive in-house pastry kitchen can create ever more inspired and original dessert and pastry designs.

“This year, we’re especially proud to feature Indigenous Australian ingredients to elevate the delegate experience. International desserts have been given a local twist — delegates can discover and enjoy baked Valrhona white chocolate cheesecake with Indigenous pepperberry and strawberry compote, Caramelia chocolate and Indigenous plum choux bun or Sacher torte with Davidson’s plum.

“For the more daring, we have customised dessert stations for major brands and international events such as the International Council on Monuments and Sites to feature Australian Indigenous ingredients such as quandong, riberry, muntries, rosella, wattleseed and finger limes. And gluten free and dairy free dessert options ensure that every delegate feels included in the culinary experience,” he said.

Chef Wright continued, “As a chef, being able to collaborate with our clients to curate bespoke ideas that meet lifestyle and dietary needs is part of that creativity and everyone is welcome at the table at ICC Sydney.”

CREDIT: International Convention Centre Sydney
Published 05/03/24.

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