Our story

Abbey, Jason and Jacob Davidson. FigJam Collections

At FigJam and Co, we are proud 2nd-Gen Indigenous owned and operated. Our storyline represents culture, family and friends, business and achievements. We work closely with First Nations peoples, farmers and producers to source Australian native bush foods.

FigJam Collections is a range of naturally delicious gourmet condiments, bursting with real flavours and up to 98% Australian ingredients! Our authentic recipes are loaded with nutrient-rich superfoods such as Davidson plum, lemon myrtle, pigface, purslane, anise myrtle, Tasmanian pepperberry and old man saltbush. 

The entire range of FigJam Collections is Vegan Australia Certified and HACCP. FigJam & Co is certified by Supply Nation and First Nations Bushfood and Botanical Alliance Australia.